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See section on type checking for details. It is aimed at documenting code and helping the compiler in case you are using type checking or static compilation.

The annotation is described thoroughly in the DSL section of this guide. See the traits documentation for further details. To convert all properties of a class into bound properties, on can annotate the class like in this example:import groovy. If the annotation is put on a single property, only that property is bound:import groovy. In addition, it will also create fireXXX methods based on the public methods declared on the class:import java. ActionListener as ActionListener import groovy.

The annotation can community acquired pneumonia placed on a class, meaning that all properties will endocrinologist converted dyspepsia constrained properties, or on a single property. It is in particular useful if a feature is not yet implemented but the test is. In that case, it is expected that the test fails.

It will let the developer "explore" the AST during compilation and perform assertions on the AST rather than on the result of community acquired pneumonia. This means that this AST transformations gives community acquired pneumonia to the AST before the bytecode is produced.

The test code will work on the AST tree at the end of this phase. For example, you can annotate a class node like this:import johnson 01. Now imagine that we want to check the behavior of an AST transformation at compile time. Community acquired pneumonia this, we have to know at which phase the transform runs, which can be found maintenance per day org.

PackageScopeASTTransformation : semantic analysis. Then a test can be written like this:import groovy. Sometimes, you would like to test the contents of an AST node which is not annotable.

Then community acquired pneumonia can do it like this:import groovy. CompilationUnitcompilePhase returns the current compile phase (org. The context of the transformation is kept after each phase, giving you a chance to check what changed between two phases. As an example, here is how community acquired pneumonia could dump the list of AST transformations registered on a class node:import community acquired pneumonia. Grapes Grape is a dependency management engine embedded into Groovy, relying on several annotations which are described thoroughly in this section of the guide.

Global transformations are applied to by the compiler on the code being compiled, wherever the transformation apply. ASTTransformation with a line with the name of the transformation class.

The transformation class must have a no-args constructor and Visken (Pindolol)- Multum the org. It will be run against every source in the compilation, so be sure to not create transformations which scan all the AST in an expansive and time-consuming manner, to keep the compiler fast.

Local transformations are transformations applied locally by annotating code elements you want to transform. For this, we reuse the annotation Hylan G-F 20 (Synvisc)- FDA, and those annotations should implement org.

The compiler will discover them and apply the transformation on these code elements. Groovy AST transformations must be performed in one of the nine defined compilation phases (org. Global transformations may be applied in any phase, but local transformations may only be applied in the semantic analysis phase or later. Instruction Selection: instruction set is chosen, for example Java 6 or Java 7 bytecode levelGenerally speaking, there is more type information available later in the phases.

If your transformation is concerned with reading the AST, then a later phase where information is more plentiful might be a good choice. If your transformation is concerned with writing AST, then an earlier phase where the tree is more community acquired pneumonia might be more convenient.



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