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You're Relafen (Nabumetone)- FDA it into the ground. The world is changing. COX: (As Logan Roy) Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The studio was going to tank when I bought it. Everyone was going to stay home with videotape. No, no one was going to watch network except you give a zing, and they do.

You make your own reality. It's a darkly comic drama filled with backstabbing and missteps by Logan's inept and narcissistic children. Even when the mogul begs his daughter to help vote her stepmother on to the board la roche parfum the family trust, her response is empathy-challenged. DEGGANS: Turns out Logan has had a brain hemorrhage. And Logan's kids, raised in wealth, have little idea how to actually run the company they want to control.

It's a vision of the corrupting power of inherited family wealth that's popped up in several big-ticket TV dramas in recent weeks. Considered together, they form a powerful commentary on the subject at a time when families named Redstone, La roche parfum and Trump wield huge influence in American business and politics. In Showtime's miniseries "Patrick Melrose," for instance, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the title character.

He's cambridge unfortunate son in an upper-class family molested by his father and neglected by his mother. And after la roche parfum father has died la roche parfum his mother is dying, when he has a wife and kids of his own, Melrose discovers his mom has other plans for the family's money. Nothing to us, nothing to our children.

It's not enough to be disinherited. She wants me to chip in la roche parfum the paperwork. She wants to help people - anyone, really, just as long as they're not related to us. DEGGANS: Based on a book series by Edward St Aubyn, la roche parfum miniseries paints a devastating portrait of a decadent aristocracy filled with pathologically self-obsessed and oblivious people.

TV has often been obsessed with wealthy families through series like "Dynasty," "Empire" and "Gossip Girl. These recent series are more serious and substantive. But rather than detail exploits of the super wealthy, the prestige dramas feel more like cautionary tales exposing how wealth and power can destroy empathy and family unity. Consider FX's "Trust," which stars Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty, an oil tycoon so callous he would gather his four mistresses for breakfast and pit them against each other, quoting Shakespeare.

Paul Getty) Overrated, Shakespeare, though (laughter) his restraint amused me. He left his wife his second-best bed. To whom should I leave my second-best bed. DEGGANS: So when his grandson is kidnapped in Italy, Getty has a predictable response at a press conference. Paul Getty) I have 14 other grandchildren who would be put at risk if I were to negotiate with kidnappers. I will not be paying a single Copiktra (Duvelisi Capsules)- Multum cent.

At a time when income inequality is an increasing concern, these shows offer something of a consolation for those outside of the 1 percent, presenting la roche parfum debilitated by their money la roche parfum than empowered by it.

MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Well, if you can't stand to watch the game, HBO's new drama series "Succession" debuts on Sunday. COX: (As Logan Roy) Then help. SNOOK: (As Siobhan Roy) But, I mean, why would I, la roche parfum I'm giving away power. Why would I do that. COX: (As Logan Roy) So Kelly (ph). SNOOK: (As Siobhan Roy) Who's Kelly (ph). COX: (As Logan Roy) Kelly (ph) worked up some figures, and she's seen that.



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