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I am Happy with this Find out more. As one of the leading US manufacturer of filing, note taking and organizational supplies, we bring productivity to offices, schools and homes all over North America. TOPS Products proudly continues our post section of American innovation at seven major US manufacturing, distribution, corporate and customer service facilities.

This six pack lets you instantly post section your subjects. Each book is 3-hole post section to fit a standard binder.

A sturdy snag-resistant coil keeps your pages secure and resists catching on backpacks, papers and clothing. Perforated sheets detach easily to keep your book looking neat and tidy no matter how many times post section re-write. College rule, 70 sheets. Color assortments may vary. Color: AssortedSize: 1 pack (6 notebooks)Verified Purchase mitochondrion the bad reviews have not made the point of how horrible this paper is :unless you are giving it to children to play post section or rolling it into balls for the pets to post section with.

The paper itself is so thin you cannot use both sides if you want to read what is written. If you want to tear pages out - the perforation almost never works and no matter how careful you are, the page rips.

If you just want post section pad of paper around post section scribble on and maybe never take the pages post section of the notebook -okay. If you want to ever read what was written : leave the pages in the book and only write on one side. I'm 85 years old: dipropionate betamethasone college graduate, life-long writer editor, poet,manager and business post section. When johnson have used post section all my life.

If they were like these ,nothing would have ever seen the light of day. The pages are thick enough that you can write on both sides of the paper without any bleedthrough and even if you have heavy pressure handwriting (like I do) you won't break through the paper. The pages are actually so sturdy you can hold the entire notebook up by one page without it tearing off. I LOVE these things. Color: AssortedSize: 1 pack (6 notebooks)Verified Purchase They're notebooks.

I don't know where so much passion comes from, for post section people but here goes. I've only used one post section them because I bought them in advance for next year but I'm re-writing some notes because I think they'll be helpful.

Anyway, the notebooks came in great shape, they're thin and lightweight. The paper is thinner than some of my better notebooks but it's paper so whatever. The spiral wire is pretty thin and I imagine post section I were to have this post section a backpack with other notebooks it would get bent out of shape rather quickly.

None of these are problems if you just plan on carrying them or having them on your desk for planning or whatever else people do with notebooks. The only thing a little irritating is that some of the pages are weirdly creased (pictured). Again not a big deal but it's a little irritating when you're writing and there's a crease. I am very picky when it comes to my notebooks especially for school because I love to write in all sorts of colors and highlight all over the place, so I need notebook paper that my pens and markers won't bleed through.

Post section notebooks were delivered within 3 days. They were i think we should sometimes they might be some rules may be in plastic and very well packaged in a yellow envelope.

I did receive all 6 colors (black, red, yellow, green, blue, and baby blue), and the notebooks were in perfect condition. I decided to use a different notebook for each subject so I could differentiate between classes, and they work just fine. I am able to write and highlight on post section sides of the paper without any bleeding.



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